Due to scheduling challenges, our 2018 camping season got off to a slow start.  We had one trip in March and another in April, but then a two month gap where we did not have a free weekend for camping. Not ones to sit around and wallow in despair, we used the opportunity to make … Continue reading Upgrades!!

Going Solar

Twice during our 2017 camping season we found ourselves consuming soft ice cream and tepid milk as our fridge struggled to deal with the rising temperatures outside.  For this camping season, we made an improvement that we hope will eliminate this problem. Before I get into the modification, let me first talk a little about … Continue reading Going Solar

Sometimes You Just Can’t Win

NOTE: This event is not specifically related to our travels, but one I feel compelled to share nonetheless. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone.  A remarkable invention that changed communication on planet earth forever.  A device that allowed people to hear each other's voices from long distances.  A device that eliminated the … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Can’t Win